Working Towards a Sustainable Future with our valued customer Sealand

At City Logistics we believe a better future is achieved through socially and environmentally sustainable practices. We strive to protect and sustain the environment by partnering with equally minded partners.

City Logistics is proud to be the logistics partner for Sealand.

“City Logistics is an incredible partner to Sealand.

Thanks to the generous approach to sustainability embraced by City Logistics we are able to move waste material from the Mr Price retail business back to Sealand where it can be cleaned, sorted, and upcycled. This process diverts waste into a second life of tremendous value. In 2023 we anticipate diverting over 35 tonnes of waste from landfill to be repurposed for good. This would not be possible if not for the role that City Logistics plays in making this happen at zero cost to either Mr Price or Sealand.

City Logistics has a clear commitment to sustainability in this country in a very meaningful way. As a business we are truly grateful to them for their partnership and look forward to doing more and more together. While Sealand may be a small retail business comparatively, we are moving all of our logistics business to City Logistics as an extension of the greater partnership.” Adrian Hewlett SEALAND GEAR CEO:

Creating genuine circularity takes the willingness of committed partners. Doing good for the planet comes with investment in time and capital. We believe the loop that has been created between Hirt & Carter, City Logistics. The Mr Price Group, and Sealand is a unique case study for creating genuine value from others’ waste. In doing so, creating jobs in the private sector whilst also providing the platform to do good for the less fortunate in our country. Together we have the opportunity to make an impact and be an example of circularity for our community.

This partnership starts with the advertising banner material created and printed by Hirt & Carter which is then delivered to the Mr Price group by City Logistics as per the existing logistics flow. This advertising banner material is then displayed nationally in Mr Price stores for the life cycle of its campaign. Instead of these adverting banners being taken down and discarded, City Logistics delivers the advertising banner material to Sealandwho then upcycles the material into the lining of all the carbon-neutral bags and accessories they create. Therefore, continuing the idea of circularity by creating long-lasting and valuable gear from waste.

The Mr Price Group has integrated Sealand into its ERP system, giving the brand an important role to play in the business supply chain. Sealand uses the advertising banner material for the primary purpose of creating premium gear for the consumer market. In addition, all overflow material is then upcycled into school bags for educational projects, including a plan to integrate with the Mr Price Group Foundation this fiscal. In 2023 Sealand expects to divert up to 35 tonnes of advertising banner material by upcycling the waste.

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