Effective Last Mile Delivery Solutions with City Logistics

Choosing the right Last mile logistics partner is crucial for any business. It is the most crucial aspect of the entire delivery process as it directly affects end-users i.e., your customer. 

City Logistics’ effective Last Mile service supports our valued retail customers to get goods delivered fast and affordable.

What is Last Mile Delivery?

Last mile delivery is the last leg of transportation that focuses on the movement of goods from a warehouse or a distribution store to the final delivery destination- which usually is a customer’s doorstep or retail store.

Last mile logistics is now more important than ever as the retail industry needs to keep up with increasing consumer demand for speedy shipping, especially in the growing e-commerce and retail industries. This is the most critical step in the delivery process and businesses need to ensure this stage runs smoothly, as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Why you need City Logistics’ Retail Logistics Solutions 

City Logistics is the Leading Retail Logistics company in Southern Africa, and supply chain leaders that delivers excellence in end-to-end logistics and supply chain management. 

Our state of the art last mile visibility tool, OnRoute developed by City Tech, offers an exciting, digital platform focusing on the ‘Last Mile’ of the supply chain.  The app provides our customers with real time updates about their delivery, such as live ETAs, parcel-level updates into stores, and electronic POD. 

Live tracking of vehicles and dispatch status ensures the customer is always kept informed throughout the delivery process. This encompassing visibility is essential for last mile optimisation and reducing inefficient communication and costs.

What makes the City Logistics Last Mile Logistics Solutions the best?

Our last mile solution is optimally managed internally as a result of this complete visibility, which ensures our service offering to our clients is as efficient and cost effective as possible. 

Who can benefit from the Last Mile Logistics Solutions management service? 

Our end customers benefit most from our last mile management service as they receive critical visibility of the last mile, which is known as the ‘most expensive mile’, so by having this visibility it creates opportunity to better manage this cost and levels of efficiency.

Effective last mile logistics depends on a reliable delivery partner that can handle your final mile deliveries with a bespoke solution. Let us simplify and connect your supply chain from end to end.

Get in touch with our Sales Manager gavinw@citylogistics.co.za 

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