Retail Distribution Solutions for the Retail Industry

City Logistics is a specialist distribution service provider to South African retailers, with a specific emphasis on Apparel and Footwear.

The Retail industry plays a pivotal role in South Africa’s economy. Choosing the right Retail Distribution logistics partner is crucial to connect your retail network effectively and efficiently. City Logistics is Passionate about Retail, and we go above and beyond to ensure we set the benchmark for Retail Logistics.

Why you need City Logistics’ Retail Distribution

In the Retail Industry being connected or directly linked to your retail network is key. City Logistics offers Inter Branch Transfers as part of our Retail Distribution service. The Inter branch value added service will make you stand out from your competitors and ensure that your sales are supported nationally. Inter branch transfers assist retail stores to secure sales when a product is not available immediately at your customers point of contact.

While no retailer looks forward to a customer return, we understand that it does happen. City Logistics’ Retail Distribution service enables efficient reverse logistics where we will handle collections and deliveries of your stock.

Time is money in all sectors but especially for the retail industry. City Logistics offers online tracking that supports real time deliveries within our efficient lead time.

Retail Logistics is about more than just time, it is also about money and saving on logistics where possible to offer your customer the best competitive price. City Logistics Retail Distribution offers a complete cost analysis with a breakdown where you can save time and money on your Retail Distribution logistics. These insights keep costs down, provide valuable information for carriers and customers

What makes the City Logistics’ Retail Distribution the best?

City Logistics is proud to say that as a Retail Distributor we have maintained a performance level to our valued retail customer base consistently @ 99%.

  • OnRoute App: City Logistics is proud of our market leading and digitised OnRoute app. The OnRoute App provides enhanced and real time visibility of the last mile of your Retail Distribution cargo.
  • Our extensive distribution network specializes in delivery to all local, outlining and far outlining Shopping Centres across Southern Africa. Our extensive footprint extends to all geolocation and demographics of Southern Africa
  • Value Added services to support your retail logistics. City Logistics offers a personal service where we will assess your supply chain so that you can see where you can improve and save money.
  • We have a competitive solution that can save you time and money with our Retail Distribution by effectively Linking you to your suppliers and our main hubs. 

Who can benefit from City Logistics’ Retail Distribution service?

The City Logistics Retail Distribution service will suit all Retail companies from clothing, furniture, sports to garden and home DIY stores.

What our customers have to say about City Logistics’ Retail Distribution Service:

Retailability first approached City Logistics in 2016, when as a retail business we had hit 100 stores.  We were looking for a partner that understood our needs as an entrepreneurial corporation; ease of implementation, maximum value and good service were key.  We were entering a growth phase in our organisation and needed a logistics partner with reach through Southern Africa and an ability to help us scale up our distribution capabilities as we grew.  

 Today we operate over 580 stores across 4 retail formats in 5 countries, and we continue to get the same levels of operational efficiency and support that we got from day one.  

City Logistics remains as a key supply chain partner to us tomorrow as they did 6 years ago!

Norman Drieselmann (CEO of Retailability Group)

Let City Logistics be part of your Retail Distribution. Get in touch with our national Sales Manager 

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