Outstanding Women CITYzens

“And one day she discovered that she was fierce and strong and full of fire, and that not even she could hold herself back, because her passion burned brighter than her fears.” –Mark Anthony

Resilient, patient, loving, and strong are just some of the words that describe City Logistics’ phenomenal women. 

Get to know some of our outstanding CITYzens and what makes them extraordinary: 

Jenny Naidoo from City Logistics Durban Head Office 
Jenny is a friendly outspoken individual, who meets and greets customers and staff, with a friendly and joyous manner.

She stands out with her incredible multitasking ability, and works well under pressure. She is a strong, independent, motivated and fun-loving person

Irene Willemsen from City Logistics’ Gosforth Park branch
Irene is a quiet, hardworking lady, who makes it her priority to serve the company and City Logistics’ clients. She is 100% committed to everything she takes on and inspires others with her self-discipline and always being humble.

Irene inspires her colleagues with her hard working, thorough, and diligent personality. She is strong and sets an example of courage and bravery to everyone around her.

Maria Moloi from City Logistics’ Harrismith branch
Maria is a true CITYzen who will always go above and beyond what is expected of her. Her colleagues and our customers enjoy working with her as she is always willing to assist and goes that extra mile to help resolve queries efficiently and timeously. 

Fhulufhelo Mundalamo from City Logistics’ Centurion branch
Fhulufhelo stands out at the Centurion branch as she leads the Claims Team successfully by ensuring that Claims are reduced for the branch. She is always ready to help others and takes her duties seriously by going the extra mile and assists where she can.

Fhulufhelo makes a difference at City Logistics as she is quick to resolve a query, and she is always ready and willing to get the job done.

Bianca van Wijk from City Logistics’ Klerksdorp branch
Hardworking and a loyal employee is how Bianca’s team describes her. She is strong willed, hardworking, and tough, and she can defend her own. Bianca performs well under pressure, and completes tasks well in advance of deadline, by being focused and driven. Bianca is a respected KLD team member known for her honesty, helpfulness and perseverance.

Mariette Booyse from City Logistics’ George branch
Mariette is meticulous, hardworking, and always willing to go the extra mile with a smile on her face. Even when dealing with hardships in her personal life, she still shows up and gives her all in her work. 

She is someone her team can count on and trust to do what is right and what is best for the branch.

Mariette is always willing to assist employees with any queries or guidance and definitely inspires all the employees around her.

Amanda Porter from City Logistics’ Port Elizabeth branch
Amanda is a go-getter. She gets things done, follows up and ensures a resolution is achieved in all she does. She is described as a highly motivated, dedicated, professional who always strives for perfection. She is absolutely dedicated to her work and company and never hesitates to go the extra mile.

She motivates and inspires her team with her driving power and keeps her team on their toes to strive to be better. Amanda gets herself involved in all aspects where she can due to the knowledge she has gathered over the past 25 years and is always willing to teach and share on her knowledge which empowers others around her and motivates them even more.

Amanda’s strong driving force and motivating skills empowers everyone around her. She is also willing to acknowledge when there are issues and never afraid to raise her hand and take responsibility.

Khomotso Mashakeng from City Logistics’ Polokwane branch
Khomotso has a warm welcoming personality, her team trusts her for advice both in work and with personal matters. She is a great multitasker that is hard working, and a great mediator in conflict situations and ensures everyone works towards a common goal.

She inspires others by encouraging fellow employees to work hard and learn other aspects of the business to empower them to grow in the industry.

Zalisa Mkentane from City Logistics’ East London branch
Zalisa is a go- getter. She never shies away from challenges; she is always eager, willing to learn and grow to do better. She is ambitious and always puts the needs of the company at the forefront – going above and beyond what is expected from her. No task is too low or above that she is not willing to do when or if she sees a need for it to be done.

She is a leader for cultural males who are much older but has been able to earn their respect from the time she was a receptionist in the branch and that she achieved through tireless hard work. She is a mother of three young kids, a student and operations manager and manages to not let one role suffer but devotes herself tirelessly to all her roles

Zalisa teaches by doing, she follows the rules of the company. She leads by example in how she conducts herself at work and with her colleagues. She is interested in her colleagues and all those around her. She believes in them and encourages everyone to do more and believes in their abilities a lot. 

She hardly ever lets an e-mail go unattended even if it is not directed to her. She is always willing to assist a client and/ customer care. She is never shy to ask for help in order to learn and grow and do better. She inspires those around her by being ambitious about her life and furthering her studies in order to grow in the company and personally.

Her courage and attitude of always being willing to assist anyone and everyone and do more than what is required of her, dedication to her growth and encouraging her colleagues to grow by learning their jobs and doing them well. She is purposeful and ambitious and currently studying towards her BA in Communication Science and Short course certificate in Business Management.

Sharlynne Subramoney from City Logistics’ Cape Town branch
Sharlynne has been with City Logistics for more than 25 years. She leads by example and inspires others with her courage, dedication and passion qualities. She is always willing to assist and first to put her hand up when help is needed, not only to her peers but also to the Exec team. 

Nompumelelo Langa from City Logistics’ River Horse Valley Durban branch
Nompumelelo is a strong and independent woman who holds the ability to look at the brighter side despite the harsh realities of life. She has a positive outlook on life and does not let stress and problems take the best of her.

She inspires others with her patient and positive personality and prefers working as a team for the benefit of the company.

Rea Boikanyo from City Logistics’ Bloemfontein branch
Rea is an Admin Clerk at our Bloemfontein branch and handles Payroll efficiently with little to no errors. She also raises orders and does general office admin on top of that

She balances her work and private life well and is not afraid to resolve staff queries when it has been brought to her attention.  

Rea is invaluable to the branch and takes a lot of pressure off her managers and strives to grow in the company as an HR practitioner.

Thank you to these and all the other inspirational women at City Logistics. You are the pillars of society, and we are honoured to have you on our team.

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