Loving what we do- WE ARE Proudly City Logistics Women

We are the CITYzens. Get to know 2 of our proud City Logistics Women.
Alecia Marinus

“Only you can determine your success.”

Alecia Marinus joined the City Logistics team in 2016 “At the time there were mainly men in my work environment. This is what made it challenging because I had to push through and make it work and I enjoyed it,” says Alecia Marinus. 

Originally from Mitchel’s Plain, Alecia advises women, “Always go for what you want and believe in. Never let anyone push you down or discourage you. Remember you are who you choose to be and only you can determine your success.”

Alecia says that in this type of work environment, one always has to prove oneself. “It’s difficult being among just a few females doing this function. Ladies doing other functions cannot relate to what we are experiencing.”

As a woman living and working in South Africa, life is difficult because “proving yourself to be worthy can still be a challenge for women”.  

“I started off driving the reach truck and then the Bendi forklift. When I started working as a driver, a colleague commented I was too short to operate such a big machine, so I took that on as a challenge to prove him wrong, and I enjoyed the journey!” 

Lindsay Arendse

“Pushing through is what shows character and determination.”

Truck driver Lindsay Arendse from Bontiheuwel in Cape Town has been working for City Logistics since 2015. Embarking on her journey as a casual driver, Lindsey is proud of her Code 10 license. 

“Being among few lady drivers, I had to prove myself because of general statistical assumptions surrounding a male dominated industry. I happily took on the challenge. Six years later, I’m still driving accident-free, maintaining my worth not just as a driver but as a code 10 truck driver,” said Lindsay.

She is optimistic about the role women play in the logistics industry and shares some words of advice, “thrive on becoming better at your duties everyday, have dedication, and focus on client service.”

Lindsay says that there is never a dull moment in her job as it is “unique, unexpected and enjoyable.”

She adds that it is not easy being a female in South Africa. “It can be good from time to time, but sometimes things can be difficult if the environment one works in is biased towards males. Pushing through is what shows character and determination.”

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