Gearing Towards Change

We are proud to be a part of Fuso’s electric truck journey in South Africa, which would play a critical role in advancing commercial trucking technology.

We are learning how the vehicle operates with different freight and cargo weights, the costs of electric vs combustion engines, safety aspects and maintenance differentiations in real-time. It’s a gradual process and we’re continuing to focus on this and other technologies that support our sustainability commitment.

Our distribution delivery fleet is being replaced by units with much larger load bodies and a higher volume capacity. This means that the new trucks can carry more cargo and with the improved technology we are realizing better transport efficiencies, we are able to deliver more cargo with lower fuel consumption reducing our carbon emissions materially #doingmorewithless.

City Logistics also utilises FleetBoard, an integrated telematics platform designed and managed by Daimler Trucks globally, continuously monitoring our fleet efficiency and fuel consumption. This data is used to compare us to global standards, we can effectively coach and improve the performance of our drivers to ensure we are always running optimally.

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