City Logistics have all your Retail Logistics Solutions:

Retail Distribution: We are customer-centric with a specific focus on retail industries and related supply chains, delivering exclusive and customized logistics solutions which take our clients’ businesses further.

E-Commerce Delivery Service: City Logistics is the leading logistics company who specialise in delivering bulkier products.

Line-Haul Service: Our long-distance vehicles are backed by a 24/7/365 Control Centre, so vehicles are constantly monitored to ensure the safety of drivers and your cargo.

Dedicated Contracts: We provide dedicated contracts to leading retailers, automotive and industrial organisations in Southern Africa, enabling focus on your core business activities.

Distribution Centre Management: With over 100 000sqm of warehousing space, City Logistics provides a complete Distribution Centre management service to South African retailers.

Into Africa: By integrating logistics and overboarder management our customers are able to reach hundreds of delivery points across Africa.