Personalised Dedicated Contracts Solutions

City Logistics provide dedicated contracts to leading retailers, automotive and industrial organisations in Southern Africa, enabling focus on your core business activities.

City Logistics understands that our valued customers are unique and so are their logistics needs. Dedicated Contracts can help retailers streamline their logistics management when they have a need to move high-volume shipments on consistent routes.

Why you need City Logistics’ Dedicated Contracts Solutions

You can have your own dedicated fleet, but without the burdens of owning a fleet. City Logistics’ Dedicated Contracts service provides our valued customers their own dedicated supply of fleet vehicles and staff. By having your own dedicated Contract with City Logistics your operational needs will be streamlined to save you time and money.

What makes the City Logistics Dedicated Contracts Solutions the best?

Your business is unique and so are your logistics needs. City Logistics has developed customized logistic solutions for our valued customers to suit their specific needs. Dedicated Contract Logistics aims to free up our customers’ logistics management capacity, so that you can focus on your core business activities.

As the Leaders in retail logistics, we have one of the most modern fleets in the country and with the City Logistics’ Dedicated Contract service you will have access to your own dedicated fleet as well as highly skilled drivers so that you can be assured that operational efficiency is at the front of your mind.

Who can benefit from the City Logistics Dedicated Contracts management service?

City Logistics provide Dedicated Contracts solutions to leading retailers, automotive and industrial organisations from South Africa to Swaziland, Lesotho, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and Mozambique.

What our customers have to say about City Logistics’ Dedicated Contracts Service:

  • We are the proud Dedicated Logistics Partner for Ford: City Logistics is viewed as “ Very supportive as Team player”.

  • We are the proud Dedicated Logistics Partner for Hilti. 

“We are happy to rely on City Logistics as our dedicated partner for the distribution of our products in South Africa.

With more than ten years of successful collaboration, City Logistics is meeting our customers’ stringent needs thanks to their great flexibility in the delivery process and strong and efficient customer service.

By being innovative, City Logistics is also adding value to our business. For example, with OnRoute we now have clear visibility on our “Last Mile” processes while our customers are kept informed throughout the delivery process.” Cyril MAUVAIS, Head of Logistics for Hilti South Africa.


End: Let City Logistics be part of your Dedicated Contract solution. Get in touch with our national Sales Manager 

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