“Moving Billboards”- A Raving Review From Build it

Grow your Brand awareness with “Moving Billboards” A raving review from Build it on their “Moving Billboards”

The Importance of Brand awareness help pave the way for many businesses to achieve their marketing goals and objectives such as growing market share, ensuring your brand remains top of mind within your target market and building an audience of raving fans.

Sure, you can plaster your business name on every billboard in town, but most business owners do not have the budget for high-priced advertising. Furthermore, increased exposure doesn’t necessarily equate to increased brand awareness. For a simpler and more cost-effective way of building brand awareness, we seized an opportunity that presented itself via our freight partnership with City Logistics and placed our brand on their vehicles.

These “Moving Billboards” started out in 2012 with only 3 vehicles. In 2018 we increased the number of vehicles to 6 and to date we now have a fleet of 10 proudly branded trucks traveling throughout Southern African. All at one third of the price that it would cost the company to have permanent billboards. Year on year we will persevere to grow the number of “Moving Billboards” which has proven successful in our approach to grow Brand awareness throughout Southern Africa.


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