City Logistics Is Proud To Be Part of Retailability’s New Venture

City Logistics is proud to be part of Retailability’s new venture of 129 Edgars Stores, continuing to play a pivotal role in their supply chain.

Retailability, an independent South African retailer, established in 1984 recently acquired 129 selected Edgars
stores as part of the Edcon Group business rescue plan, and in the process approximately 5200 jobs will be saved.
City Logistics has been entrusted by the Retailability group to provide all warehousing and distribution solutions for the 129 Edgars stores, as well as continuing with the longstanding service of Retailaiblity’s existing 460 LEGiT Fashion, Beaver Canoe – South Africa and Style stores, nationwide and cross border.

We look forward to playing a pivotal role in Retailability’s supply chain and being part of their exciting, new retail growth.


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