Well Done Tolo, a Silver!

Novice runner, Tolo Mooketsi achieved a silver medal finish at the Comrades Marathon 2019.

We are beaming with pride! Congratulations to City Courrier’s beloved Tolo on this massive achievement. What a race!


Tolo shared some details about his race and Comrades weekend:

On Friday the 7th June we departed Klerksdorp at 02:30 am for Durban. While I was on the way I received a call from City Logistics Head Office wishing me all the best. We arrived safely with my teammates then later went to Comrades expo to collect the race packs.


Saturday morning 07:00 am, I went to stretch and run for 25 minutes at south coast beach wearing City Logistics brand kit. After I went back to refresh and took a walk to the local mall. I switched a TV on just to take my mind off the Comrades and relaxed as much as I could but my my phone rang and rang. My family, friends and many others were wishing me all the best.


Sunday morning I woke up at 02:45 am to prepare myself. Around 4:00 am we departed to the starting point, the Durban City Hall. We prayed to thank our ALMIGHTY GOD and at 05:30 am the race started. The atmosphere was amazing. The excitement of runners from all over the world  could be felt. We all were wearing one badge. Comrades united us. I held back for the first half and stuck to my plan. It was a nice feeling seeing people cheering, screaming and calling our names when we passed by. People from the water points on the streets were amazing, handing out water, food, rubbing us from one point to the other, singing songs all the way along until the finish in Pietermaritzburg


I would like to express my gratitude to the City Logistics Team, Klerksdorp Team and everyone for supporting me on this running journey. Comrades Marathon humbled me furthermore, I received a silver medal as a novice and a smile on my face when I received a flower at the finish line.


For part 2 of my running journey, follow me on City Logistics FB page