Walk for Rhinos – helping to fight Rhino Poaching, March 2012

City Couriers donated R 25 000 towards Tusk Trust Foundation, a charity that focuses on protecting elephants and rhinos. A team of women from Celebrate Life are trying to raise R 1 million for the Tusk Trust and will set off on a 21Km marathon in Kenya in June 2012 to highlight the rhino’s plight. A most worthy cause and we wish the team every success in achieving their goal. South African’s rhino poaching is facing endemic proportions and we need to all play a role in helping to protect this endangered species, which is part of our country’s heritage.

Stop Rhino poaching statistics as follows:-

• 2007 13
• 2088 83
• 2009 122
• 2010 333
• 2011 448
• Mar 2012 117 to date

Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife rhino security co-ordinator, Jabulani Ngubane, warned that the poaching situation was now so critical that if the poaching is not brought under control quickly, the toll was likely to escalate and could reach 1 300 killings by year-end. He is proposing the controversial legislation on the sale of rhino horn, to decrease black-market prices and to reduce incentives for poaching. SA has a stock pile of at least 21 tons of rhino horn, collected over the last 3 decades from rhinos which have died naturally.

To support Celebrate Life 2012 contact Cherry Armstrong cherryarmstong@tiscali.co.za or donations can be made to ‘Life Celebrate 2012’, FNB, Durban North account nos 6234 7801 765.