Effective Last Mile Delivery Solutions with City Logistics

Choosing the right Last mile logistics partner is crucial for any business. It is the most crucial aspect of the entire delivery process as it directly affects end-users i.e., your customer.  City Logistics’ effective Last Mile service supports our valued retail customers to get goods delivered fast and affordable. What is Last Mile Delivery? Last…

City Logistics is proud of our partnership with the Mr Price Group

City Logistics is the proud Retail Logistics partner for the Mr Price Group. Interview with Werner Pelser, Mr Price Group Logistics Director. Find out more about our Retail Logistics services here https://citylogistics.co.za/retail-solutions/

Retail Distribution Solutions for the Retail Industry

City Logistics is a specialist distribution service provider to South African retailers, with a specific emphasis on Apparel and Footwear. The Retail industry plays a pivotal role in South Africa’s economy. Choosing the right Retail Distribution logistics partner is crucial to connect your retail network effectively and efficiently. City Logistics is Passionate about Retail, and…

City Logistics Is Proud To Be Part of Retailability’s New Venture

City Logistics is proud to be part of Retailability’s new venture of 129 Edgars Stores, continuing to play a pivotal role in their supply chain. Retailability, an independent South African retailer, established in 1984 recently acquired 129 selected Edgars stores as part of the Edcon Group business rescue plan, and in the process approximately 5200…

Providing effective E-Commerce solutions for Retail customers

City Logistics E-Commerce teams are trained to assemble new purchases at the time of delivery. We offer an E-Commerce distribution service for all merchandise and specialize in the delivery of larger products, including furniture, sporting equipment and appliances. Going the extra mile in service excellence.