Adapting to Logistics Trends in the Retail Market

Retail logistics in South Africa has been undergoing significant changes in recent years, driven by the evolving preferences of consumers and the growing competition in the retail sector. Here are some of the industry trends City Logistics noted that have had the biggest impact on retail logistics and will continue to transform the industry in…

Line-Haul Solutions for All

City Logistics’ Line-haul Service plays a pivotal role in connecting distribution networks for local, long distance and into Africa. The movement of goods and services via trucks is an important part of the economy. Choosing the right Line-haul logistics partner for your freight is crucial as this can make or break your business. We at…

E-commerce Delivery Solutions For All

At City Logistics we understand E-commerce as we are the leading logistics company who specialise in delivering bulkier products.  We live in a time where time and service matters. Customers do not have the time to walk around shops endlessly looking for the best appliance, comfortable furniture or the next best exercise machine. The increase…


City Logistics is excited to announce the purchase of Fastway Cape Town,  further increasing E-commerce capability and providing an unbeatable E-commerce solution. For all your E-commerce requirements in Cape Town, Contact us 0861 222 882

Providing effective E-Commerce solutions for Retail customers

City Logistics E-Commerce teams are trained to assemble new purchases at the time of delivery. We offer an E-Commerce distribution service for all merchandise and specialize in the delivery of larger products, including furniture, sporting equipment and appliances. Going the extra mile in service excellence.