Fleet Management

In order to achieve maximum fleet optimisation, planning and control has to be inherent in every discipline throughout the fleet. The fleet of 950 units is made up of various derivatives and sizes to optimise fleet utilisation, maximise efficiency and keep operating costs low. Preventative maintenance checks are carried out at all depots and standard operating procedures ensure staff compliance.

An integrated tyre management programme is in place to avoid tyre failures and on road delays. The company has a well-defined vehicle replacement programme and new vehicles are specially built and purchased based on clients needs to ensure client satisfaction is maintained. Regular servicing schedules are adhered to maximise operating efficiencies and minimise downtime. A Fleet Representative is located at every depot and reports daily to the National Fleet Department at Head Office. In the fleet department there are administrators that are dedicated to certain aspects to optimise fleet performance.

In addition to two-way radio communications between drivers and their depots, all the vehicles have integrated Fleet Management Systems that offer live tracking capabilities amongst many other beneficial features. There are independent Stolen Recovery Units in all vehicles which cannot be tracked by anyone other than the service provider for integrity and control purposes.

There is a National Driver Training programme at all depots ensuring that drivers are continuously up-skilled.

IT and Information Systems

City Logistics has an established IT Division who ensure the stability and continued improvement of both our Application Systems, and Technology Infrastructure. Our Logistics and Warehouse Systems are integral to our business, and support our ability to configure despatch requirements for clients, as well as to optimise efficiencies throughout the organisation.

We have extensive Track and Trace facilities for both Vehicles and Delivery Loads, ensuring guaranteed visibility throughout our distribution model. The use of advanced Reporting tools ensure the organisation has access to critical information timeously.

At City Logistics, we are committed to embracing technological advancements that will add value to our clients, as well as the entire Warehouse and Distribution Supply Chain. We are dedicated to constantly improve our offering, as well as incorporate industry innovations into our organisation.

Administration Technology

For effective administration of business processes of City Logistics, key and valuable systems are being utilised nationally, namely:

The implementation of these systems makes administration fast, effective and reliable.

Management and Planning

City Logistics, established in 1988, is a dynamic company committed to giving total satisfaction to all your distribution and transport needs. We ensure that your merchandise is monitored whilst in our care and that vehicles adhere to their route frequencies and delivery times.

Our documentation systems ensure a high level of control and with our high-tech systems and operations planning your cargo arrives at its destination on time, in immaculate condition. Management control has been setup through a national network of cost and branch control process, which include management accounting, stringent internal and external audits and weekly management meetings.


As City Logistics distributes many high risk commodities i.e. retail clothing, footwear, linen, home items and electronic equipment, City Logistics has a National Security Manager and Claims Manager.

We employ the Matrix and Netstar Recovery systems and have maintained 100% recovery success rate for the last 5 years in the instance of Hijackings.

Call Centre

The Customer Service Call Centre is a new strategic initiative of City Logistics to enhance customer orientation and focus.

When Service Matters

The attentive, motivated, and knowledgeable support staff at our Customer Support Desk will provide you with a high quality customer service experience.


City Logistics Customer Service Desk is located at our head office and is equipped to assist you with your delivery support from 7am to 6pm Monday to Saturday.


The Customer Service Desk centre receives and processes orders via phone calls and emails, as well as those received electronically from clients through our CSD system. The Customer Service Desk intervenes to resolve any issues in meeting time-sensitive deliveries.

For any assistance in your deliveries please contact us on 0879403101