Staying Ahead of the Game…

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Sally Mackay, City Logistics IT Project Manager, was recently featured in the Sunday Times Logistics supplement.  The article focused on the rapidly changing logistics environment and the importance of agile project managers who are very responsive to the evolution of modern supply chains.

Sally’s input was very pertinent and highlighted the very dynamic nature of logistics. “ Due to the complex and evolving nature of logistics, and the requirements to be able to adapt quickly, Project Managers in this industry need to be agile and have the ability to manage multiple projects involving many different stakeholders, including direct customers, suppliers and shareholders.  There is a definite shift towards embracing new technologies to increase value, visibility and efficiency throughout the logistics supply chain.  This has expanded the expectation for Project Managers to have not only the prerequisite project-management skills, but also a fundamental understanding of the business complexities, as well as have both process and systems knowledge.”

Please refer to full article in Business Times Freight Logistics and Warehousing.