Tolo Mooketsi shares his Cape Town Marathon journey

Our Tolo Mooketsi shares his Cape Town Marathon Journey.

Tolo runs the Cape Town Marathon and makes a Sub 3! Read more about Tolo’s Cape Town Marathon trip… 

Tolo Mooketsi shares his Cape Town Marathon journey 2

Getting to the Sanlam Cape Town Marathon

“On Friday the 13th September 2019 I finished worked around 3:00 am. I got a couple of hours sleep before we had to leave for our flights at Lanseria airport from Klerksdorp.

When we landed in Cape Town later that afternoon and headed straight to The Sanlam Cape Town Marathon EXPO to register for the race.

The day before the race (Saturday) we went for an easy early morning run and explored Cape Town for the rest of the day.

On Sunday morning, the day of the Sanlam Cape Town Marathon, we got up at 03:00am to prepare for the race which started at 06:40am.

Running the Sanlam Cape Town Marathon

The three of us, Mr Gil Abrams and Mr J Diketso and myself, showed that teamwork really works if we believe in each other. At about 2 km into the race we were averaging 3:59min pace, it was a good day in the office for us.

Through every challenge we broke sub 3 barrier with a style from 5 to 42.2 km. The immense experience that my two teammates have in running pays off. We stuck to our plan; we were indomitable lions. We were disciplined, focused and determined and what I like most was that we were bit more rigorous.

At 32 km one of our teammates started to have a problem so we had to leave him behind but 300 to 400 metres later I decided to go back to find out is he still ok. I motivate him and he said that I must carry on without him as he will be fine. I sprinted to our other teammate to update him.

Teamwork show in training, in everything we do together even in the Sanlam Cape Town Marathon. Believing in one another is also part of teamwork, through our patriotic love for running we send a good message that teamwork really works no matter.

I finished the marathon in 2:54:01! Breaking sub 3 changed and transformed the image of sport for me, proving to myself that I can break other records.

When we finished it was so emotional when we hugged each other, and special for me because my two teammates are the ones that taught me about running when I first started.

I also had a nice chat with former comrades 2016 winner Charne Bosman at the finishing line who we passed by at 34 km.

I will not forget the fans who I hugged to say thank you for supporting and coming in their numbers, also the sponsors and the organisers.

One guy said to me that I must learn from my experience and one of my teammates (Mr Gil Abrams) said to him “we are the one’s learning from Tolo, today he is the one showing us how to run under 3 hours.”

Thank you City Logistics Team

I cherished our discussion of a big dream to wear City Logistics gear when running, which came true for me. Thank you so much for supporting me City Logistics Executive Team. Sometimes I don’t have words to describe how I feel, but I will always look at the City Logistics Brand Logo, the gift to me when no one else was looking.”

Congratulations on your Sub 3 Tolo, we are so proud of you and proud to be your sponsor.