City Couriers continues to lead the way in distribution and logistics, April 2011

Established in 1988, City Couriers is one of the country’s leading distribution and logistics companies. City Couriers’ mission is to play a pivotal role in the supply chain management process, thus adding value and providing cost-effective solutions and service to all customers. “We take our mission statement very seriously at City Couriers,” says CEO Richard Fisher. “Every decision is made with the client’s satisfaction and service quality in mind. This ensures we maintain our values and stay true to our objectives.”

City Couriers offers a comprehensive distribution network throughout South Africa and neighbouring countries at competitive rates. It occupies its own custom-built premises in Riverhorse Valley, has a network of 14 depots throughout southern Africa, and is one of the leading retail distribution specialists in southern Africa. Its staff complement numbers more than 1 300, while its considerable fleet comprises more than 450 linehaul and distribution vehicles.

Cost and capability “While many developments, innovations and improvements have taken place over the past 23 years, one thing remains unchanged: customers are at the centre of every decision at City Couriers. To meet increasing customer’ needs, the company is flexible and able to adapt quickly and effectively. Processes are continually challenged to maximise our value to customers and we employ bestpractice procedures to ensure that we maintain operational excellence,” says Rajesh Dayanund, managing director.

“With the current economic environment there has been a shift in focus from service to total cost of logistics,” explains Ryan Gaines, City Couriers’ financial director. “This has resulted in us investing significantly in systems and processes to enable us to maintain costeffective logistics solutions in a tough trading environment.

“After rigorous market analysis, we partnered with Blue Key Software Solutions to implement SAP B1 as our ERP system. We have also implemented and designed a state-of-the-art custom-built business intelligence model to drive cost leadership and excellence in the complex field of logistics.

“Capability is also key in service provider selection and we are in the process of extending services in longdistance transport to meet the market’s demand for containerised cargo on the Durban, Gauteng route. We are running several hundred long distance vehicle combinations to fulfill this demand. City Couriers is also very proud to be actively reducing its carbon footprint and adding value to a ‘Green Supply Chain’ in southern Africa.”

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