Michael Cannon – Cape Town Marathon Report

Well Done Michael Cannon on another fantastic result at the Cape Town Marathon 2017!

Cape Town Marathon

Michael has provided the City Team with a detailed race report…

“On Sunday the 17th September, I ran the 42.2km Cape Town City Marathon. This race is definitely one of my favourite marathons on the SA Calendar, as it is a very fast course, but definitely one of the harder ones if you go in over- or under trained. This was my third standard marathon, so I don’t have much to compare it to.

Going into the race, I had three goals:

  1. Try and go through 21.1km in under 1:20:00
  2. Try and better my Marathon Personal Best, which was 2:41:18 (achieved at last year’s Cape Town Marathon)
  3. Try and run a negative split, which is when you run your second half of the race quicker than the first

Those were my goals, but I wasn’t sure how the day would go, as they had changed the route, so I was just going to have to wing it.

The first half of the marathon was good. The first 10km of the race was quiet, going through that marker in 37 min and trying to find a good pack to run in.

A lot of guys had gone out to quickly so up until 21.1km, I was moving from group to group, which actually worked out quite nicely, as I managed to go through the half way mark in 1:18:07 (Goal 1 Achieved).

I now knew that I had a shot of achieving my next two goals if I could hold my pace, get in enough calories and fluids.

The second half of the race was good. At 35km, I knew that I could go sub 2:40 (pace of 3:46/km) if I could hit my next chunk in a decent pace (anything under 4:00/km)

Coming into the finish shoot, I was overjoyed to know that I had achieved my goals, with a final time of 2:39:37. I had tons of fun during the race and was still able to smile while crossing the finish line.

Thanks again to City Logistics for getting me down to Cape Town and continually backing me.

I look forward to the next challenge.”