Corporate Social Initiatives

City Logistics is committed to uplifting and improving our society in South Africa. It has an active and ongoing CSI program that promotes sustainable development to NPOs, such as CANSA Foundation, Clothing Bank, various schools and care centres nationwide, Zululand Conservation Trust, Celebrate life, NSRI, Diabetes SA, Shap Shap, City Hope Disaster Fund.

City Logistics is committed to staff health care through regular HIV clinic visits, workshops and wellness programs which have been most effective in both prevention and treatment of the HIV, Prostate and Breast Cancer screening & Diabetes.

City Logistics is fully committed to Environmental Awareness and planet preservation. We have an active and on-going Green Fleet Program in place, which aims to further reduce carbon emissions emitted from our fleet, year on year. This is achieved through reducing kilometres driven, strict driver training programs and effective fuel savers installed on all vehicles.

Environmental awareness is also encouraged at all City Logistics depots throughout SA, actively recycling all waste.

LED lighting and energy management systems have been installed in warehouses and offices and all new depots are built with standard green initiatives such as water harvesting, conserving energy through maximising natural light, solar systems for energy generation etc. Project Green is well under way at all facilities.