City Logistics Winter Drive

City Logistics approached Ridge Haven, a safe haven for the elderly and those with minor disabilities to knit and crochet over 650 beanies and mittens for the children at Harpo school in Vryheid.


City Logistics approached Ridge Haven to link in with the Ridge Haven skills development project and to provide residents the opportunity to join the City Logistics winter mitten and beanie project. The objective is to knit beanies and mittens for school children based at a rural school in Northern Natal, near Vryheid.

Beanie and Mitten Project

The Beanie and Mitten Project gives the Ridge Haven residents the opportunity to earn as they would be given a small stipend to assist with knitting and crocheting. They are also excited to do something for the community, especially for the children. It gives each resident a sense of purpose and they feel they can contribute to their community in their own small way. City Logistics would supply the wool.

This links in to the Ridge Haven objective of skills development and building self-worth. It also gives City Logistics the opportunity to reach out to two charities that can benefit from this project. Ridge Haven benefits, as well as the school children, as the beanies and mittens will be sent to the children to keep them warm during the icy Northern Natal Winter.



The Project is currently underway.

Six ladies are currently part of the Ridge Haven Team working on knitting beanies and crocheting and knitting mittens. And together everyone will make a difference to keep the community warm this Winter.

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