City Logistics Transport A Giant Fiberglass Rhino For The World Youth Wildlife Summit

City Logistics is proud to be involved with this year’s World Youth Wildlife Summit, taking place 21st – 24th September at the Southern African Wildlife College

A giant fiberglass Rhino and Dome will be loaded and transported to Hoedspruit.

World Youth Wildlife Summit 02


World Youth Wildlife Summit 01

This year’s Summit will bring together 200 leading youth delegates and adult chaperones (teachers and community leaders) who have a passion for conservation and provide them with the opportunity to discuss and learn about the critical issues facing Africa’s endangered species, as well as engage with top conservation experts.

  • Approx. 135 youth delegates of 15-18yrs old
  • 15 delegates from the 2014/2015 Rhino Summits who will be Regiment (team) leaders for the new delegates
  • 15 ‘Step Up Youth’ delegates who are older than 18 and engaged in conservation activities/work etc.
  • 35 chaperones/educators

The aim is to empower, engage, equip and educate future conservation leaders from South Africa, Swaziland, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, Tanzania as well as the UK and Vietnam.

World Youth Wildlife Summit 03

The Summit will be a high-energy, vibrant and cultural event with local dance groups, choirs and actors bringing African authenticity and creativity to a detailed 4-day programme, which includes deep-learning Indaba sessions and debates around Critical Issues that drive wildlife crime, with conservation experts on hand to impart their knowledge.  Delegates will also visit Kruger National Park to gain first-hand experience of the challenges and opportunities the world of conservation faces now and into the future.  Leading conservationists who will be keynote speakers include Dr William Fowlds, Dr Johan Marais, TV celebrity Ivan Carter, Maria Diekmann, Eric Madamalala and Kruger National Park officials, as well as well-known youth conservationists such as Trang Nguyen (Vietnam), Nadav Ossendryver (Kruger Latest Sightings) and Hunter Mitchell.


The plan is to run these Summits every 2 years and provide mentorship and support to alumni in between.