City Logistics team up with Futurelife to feed 150 kids

Full Tummies ready for a Day of Learning – Early Childhood Development, Step Right School, Cato Ridge.

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Children are the rock on which our future will be built on, it is imperative to ensure their wellbeing. City Logistics together with Futurelife Foundation wants to ensure the best development of children and teamed up to assist Step Right School with daily meals for their 150 pupils.

City Logistics Featurelife

City Logistics Feed 2

City Logistics would like to thank Futurelife for their very generous sponsorship of their exceptional cereal to this disadvantaged school, which relies totally on donations. Should you wish to find out more about the Futurelife Foundation and their products, please visit their website

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Together, we care and ensure the full learning capability of these children through the right, vitamin and mineral enriched nutrition.

Every school day is now a successful one, feeding 150 enquiring young minds.