Thembakazi Oven project feature

City Logistics Sponsors Oven in Support of The Thembakazi Oven Project

City Logistics proudly sponsors Thembakazi Oven project through the Celebrate Life NPO Thembakazi Oven project 1 City Logistics proudly sponsored an oven in support of the Thembakazi Oven project through the Celebrate Life NPO. Celebrate Life have dedicated three years to successfully implementing micro bakeries into the rural communities of South Africa. “We are passionately selecting and training previously disadvantaged individuals to become entrepreneurs. These people need a helping hand out of their poverty cycle and Celebrate Life is committed to their sustainable entrepreneurship and community upliftment. We live by the parable “Give a man a fish; he will eat for a day. Teach him to fish; he will eat for a lifetime.” Thembakazi Oven project 2 Celebrate Life is driven by upliftment and empowerment of our rural communities and has a tried and tested upliftment model that results in long-term sustainable change.  The aim of the Celebrate Life Oven Project is to equip rural women with the skill and facility to create and operate their own bakeries, serving the immediate community, Spaza Shops, schools and creches. This is true upliftment within a community; baked products are produced, where they are consumed; the baker’s profits and the customer savings, all contribute to further upliftment as the money circulates and is retained within that community.   Bread City Logistics Message from Celebrate Life SA: “Thank you, City Logistics, for taking the time to visit our women empowerment programme where we have installed your donated oven. This project will be a great success due to the infrastructure already in place with the ladies sewing food warming bags and making clothing and items from recycled plastics. Gloria, who heads up the project has already sourced a market for the sale of bread and is also supplying the school next door which houses 1480 pupils. Apart from mentoring and training, we have supplied them with documents to fill in daily on how many loaves of bread are baked, what was sold and a profit after costs so they can keep a simple monthly book and note their profits.”- Cherry Armstrong, Executive Director Celebrate Life SA