City Logistics Put Drivers Upfront

Anthony Naicker, City Logistics Transport Director

The City Logistics 2016 Driver of the Year (DOTY) doubled up this year from the successful 2015 event. The 2015 world-class driver championships at City Logistics focused on 10 finalists from Line-haul operations. This year, Distribution drivers were included, testing the skills of drivers in these smaller vehicles, in another category to Line-haul drivers.

The hosting of the Driver of The Year (DOTY) competition once again, focused on skill, knowledge and discipline which makes so much sense, when top class drivers ensure efficient and safe driving practices on the roads.

20 drivers write finalist test

The first day of the competition focused on an hour-long theoretical 35-question test followed by practical driving on day two for both Line-haul and Distribution drivers with differing skill-sets for each. Yonke Education & Training Solutions provided the independent scoring and rating of the 20 finalists.

The winners on each category were:

1. Distribution Vehicles

1st Winner – Ritesh Raghoobeer, Durban Distribution depot
2nd place – Nkanyiso Ngcobo, Durban Depot Express division
3rd place – Yogindhran Panjanathan, Durban Depot Express division

2. Linehaul Vehicles

1st Winner – Lovemore Ncube, National Linehaul driver
2nd place – Peter Manwononga, National Linehaul driver
3rd place – Gilbert Chimvinga, National Linehaul driver

The young executive team at City Logistics has proven to be effective and efficient. What makes the difference? It’s between doing the right things and doing things right!

The team at City Logistics are passionate about logistics, playing a pivotal role in the supply chain process of their clients, adding value and cost effective solutions and services.

Driver Trainers – Josiah Koala and Ravesh Sunthkumar

This article was originally published in the Fleetwatch Magazine.