City Logistics Features In The Press October-December 2023

City Logistics’ news room is a resource for the latest Logistics news. Here are some current news items where City Logistics was proudly featured.

TechFinancials: South Africa’s Freight And Logistics Market On A Rapid Growth Trajectory

DRIVEN by the freight transport sector, South Africa’s freight and logistics market is expected to boost the economy by $21.53 billion (R409.7 billion) in 2023, while online retail sales will more than double that contribution to $46 billion (R875.38 billion) within two years¹.

City Logistics CEO Ryan Gaines says development in the outlying areas, coupled with exponential growth in e-commerce, are significant factors for the country’s booming logistics sector.

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News24: Trucks are hazards on South Africa’s roads: myth or fact?

South Africa has a frightening road safety record. There are more than 800 000 road accidents in South Africa every year, translating to about 2 200 crashes on our country’s roads daily. All too often, fingers are pointed at trucks – with truck drivers being accused of driving dangerously or poorly, or both. But is this criticism really justified?

The facts tell a different story…

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Citizen Caxton Local News: Expert tips for fuel efficiency: drive smart, save big

With fuel prices on the rise in South Africa, finding ways to cut down on monthly fuel expenses is crucial. Learn how to drive more efficiently and save on fuel costs with insights from industry professionals.

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TimesLive: 3 things to remember when driving with trucks this festive season

There are a number of dos and don’ts when sharing the roads with trucks.

“Truck drivers tend to have a bad reputation, and unfairly so. Many are some of the most experienced drivers on the road if you consider the number of kilometres travelled in their career to the number of accidents,” said Ryan Gaines, CEO of City Logistics, a privatelyowned logistics company.

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CarMag: Stay Safe Around Trucks on the Road this Festive Season

Here are a few tips provided by truck drivers to consider when sharing the roads with the 18-wheeled behemoths.

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News24: Flashing lights and hazards: Some unwritten (but very handy) road rules ahead of the festive season

Holidaymakers will encounter hundreds of trucks en route to holiday destinations across the country. With this in mind, these handy tips on safely and politely navigating South African roads alongside the big haulers – using several unwritten rules – will come in handy.

“Always remember that these are unwritten rules of the road and not legal requirements; however, they may help road users safely navigate what are arguably some of the most dangerous driving conditions in the world,” comments Ryan Gaines, CEO of City Logistics – a leading privately owned logistics company in South Africa.

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