City Hope Disaster Relief Thanks Partners and Sponsors for Supporting the Victims of Malawi Floods

To our valued partners and sponsors:


In January 2015, South East Africa was hit by devastating floods. Malawi was particularly hard hit with an estimated 200,000 left homeless and more than 60 dead. Consequently, the Malawian Government declared 1/3’rd of the country a Disaster Area, and made an urgent appeal for international aid.

City Hope Disaster Relief heeded the call to respond, and our appeal for assistance to our sponsors and partners was overwhelming. Within 36 hours of making the decision to respond, 10 tonnes of relief aid in the form of Futurelife had departed for Malawi.
The sponsorship and support we received for this particular mission was both in cash and kind: The Futurelife was acquired at a fraction of the cost, the logistics planning and freight was 100% sponsored and accommodation for our relief team in Blantyre was sponsored as well. The full cost of the mission incorporating the in-kind assistance as well as cash donations, are estimated to be about R1 million – and so it must be noted, that without the assistance of our valued partners this response would not have been possible.

Concurrent to the in-transit aid being deployed, our local contacts in Malawi assisted us with the necessary due diligence and reconnaissance, and ultimately, a last mile distribution plan, in the worst affected areas. The need was overwhelming to say the least, however, the meticulous planning from our on-the-ground teams ensured that 10,000 x 1kg bags of Futurelife were distributed to where the need was greatest.

It is also noteworthy to mention that through the lightning fast response and commitment of our partners, the City Hope Disaster Relief response to Malawi was completed well before any of the other International Relief Agencies landed in Malawi.

With the above in mind, we would like to thank-you, our valued partners and sponsors, for entrusting City Hope Disaster Relief with your contribution to the Malawi disaster, and all disaster responses for that matter. I am sure you will agree that the manner in which this relief mission was executed, was of the highest standards, and on behalf of the people of Malawi. Thank you!


The CHDR team.