City Couriers Linehaul Division, October 2011

The City Couriers Group offers customers integrated distribution, transport and warehousing solutions through a national network.  We are customer-focused and build our solutions around our customer’s needs.  Our network consists of 118,000 square metres of warehousing under one roof, 700 vehicles and 1,500 dedicated staff and we constantly strive for optimization to improve service at the lowest possible cost.  The City Couriers Group has extended capability in long distance transport, through City Linehaul.  By providing key customers with turnkey container management solutions through our container parks we have needed to extend our fleet by 25 vehicles to meet growing customer demand.  After detailed market analysis we have partnered with NMI-DSM Commercial Vehicles in Pinetown with the acquisition of 25 new Freightliner trucks to provide our customers with a high quality, reliable service at a low overall cost.  Understanding the cost of inefficiency in a supply chain, service quality and reliability are critical objectives, which drive our asset replacement and extension process.