City Couriers… going the extra mile, April 2011

City Couriers also recognises that there are certain elements within the transport cycle that contribute strongly to its service delivery and success. “Our people are critical to our success as they contribute significantly to the service provided to our customers,” says Julia Peirson, director and head of Corporate Governance at City Couriers.

“We strive to build strong relationships with these key stakeholders. Caring for our people also means caring for the communities from which they come. We believe that giving back to our society and assisting in breaking the cycle of poverty enables us to build a sustainable future for South Africa and City Couriers.

“We have identified Abalindi Welfare Society in Inanda, which comprises of an old age home, frail care centre, hospice, crèche and children’s home, to which we can provide support. We have engaged in a project to improve the living conditions of residents by helping painting and refurbishing the buildings as well as donating beds, furniture and frail care utilities to assist those in


We are also very grateful to our associated sponsors for their assistance with this project and hope to make similar contributions to other societies in the future.”

Future For Richard Fisher and his management team, ambitions for the continued growth and success of the company centre around one goal and vision – to maintain City Couriers’ position as one of the leading logistics entities in southern Africa. For further information, contact the City Couriers head office in Durban at 031 580 2000 or e-mail

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