Abalindi Xmas Visit, November 2011

City Couriers held a Christmas lunch for all the patients, orphans, crèche children and staff at the Abalindi Home in Inanda on the 23rd November. Over 300 people were fed from the pre-school children at the crèche, who also enjoyed Xmas packs full of goodies through to the orphanage, old age patients and frail care patients.

Stationery packs were given to all of the orphanage children, to ensure that they will be well prepared for school in the New Year. Toiletry packs were given to all of the elderly and of course chocolate treats for all.

The major donation this year was a big screen TV and DSTV which has been erected in the Children’s Dining Hall. This Hall will now also serve as Revered Arthur pointed out, as an Educational Centre. The pre-school children will be able to watch programs in the mornings such as Sesame Street, under the supervision of their teachers, to further assist their English language. The elderly will be able to watch thereafter the News and elected programs. In the afternoons there will be a schedule for the orphanage, whereby the children will be able to watch educational programs such as the History channel, National Geographic, Sky News, CNN and the SA Syllabus related learning programs. The social worker at Abalindi will ensure a TV roster to suit all.

In addition a pool table, table tennis table and table football game were donated to create reward activities for the children living in the orphanage. New curtaining and bedspreads were provided for the frail care centre.

City Couriers’ staff were heavily involved in the organization of all the stationery and toiletry packs, all individually wrapped; on the actual day a whole team worked tirelessly serving lunch, setting up equipment and putting smiles on many faces a the Abalindi Home. As Reverend Arthur said after the lunch – his home now feels warm.